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Dr. Edwards has been blessed to provide services to a variety of clientele for over 25 years.  She loves and values each day and the challenges and life lessons they bring!  Her treatment style focuses on providing outcome-based treatment firmly centered around the individual’s personal preferences.  People improve most when they can choose from many options.  They are empowered by feeling integral to their own treatment planning and care.  Dr. Edwards provides a safe environment to explore experiential methods, which she combines with supportive and cognitive behavioral techniques. 

Dr. Edwards earned her Ed.D. in Psychology from Tennessee State University in 1995.  She also earned a Post Graduate Degree in Psychopharmacology from Alliant University. Generous to a fault, Dr. Edwards is happy to give anyone her recipe for the most delicious cheesecake on the planet, bar none. Distinctly, she is very active in the International Association of Dramatic Reactions to Pie Throwing. She holds Gold Medals in this association from 2010, 2012-3, and 2017 (Oh if that were true, but it’s not).

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Laughter is truly the best medicine
— Unknown Doctor & Comic